Eddie the Elephant's Magical Ear: Color & Learn
Suzanne Picerno


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Eddie is an endearing and adventurous elephant whose day is turned upside down when he breaks and loses his ear and discovers he can no longer hear! With the help of an itsy-bitsy spider and a magical hearing aid, Eddie goes on an unexpected journey to get his ear (and hearing) back.

Eddie the Elephant's Magical Ear: Color + Learn Edition is the companion to Eddie the Elephant's Magical Ear. Each Learning page provides several well designed questions to help children think, experience, and understand the feelings and challenges of being different from others. The questions give parents and teachers a head start, allowing them to focus on dialogues about differences, disabilities, and choosing behaviors that are inclusive and kind. Each page of the Color + Learn book has a summary sentence connecting it to the original storyline of Eddie the Elephant's Magical Ear, as well as the matching illustration for children to color. Children will love coloring the pictures. Parents will love the simplicity of well-designed questions that cause their children to think, experience, and choose behaviors that are kind.

About the Author

Suzanne Picerno

Suzanne Picerno is a former corporate professional, who lost her hearing over a 30-year period of time. From hearing aid wearer to becoming functionally deaf, she is an example of what can be achieved despite the appearance of obstacles. Today, Suzanne has bilateral cochlear implants and is a passionate advocate for creating hearing awareness.

She has an MA in clinical psychology, an MBA, and is a licensed hearing aid specialist.

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"Some books are meant to be read on the beach and then discarded, while some are read and then placed into your professional library. Others, like Eddie the Elephant's Magical Ear, are meant to be purchased in bulk, and when necessary, given to children and their families as vessels for learning and empathy.

"Written and illustrated by Suzanne Picerno, a hearing instrument specialist who also happens to have bilateral cochlear implants, Eddie the Elephant's Magical Ear creatively describes the hurt, anguish and isolation associated with hearing loss. Thanks to the kindness of a spider, however, Eddie overcomes these feelings and gets the help and emotional support he needs to hear again.

"This children's book helps kids and their families understand the feelings associated with hearing loss and how they can be addressed through kindness, compassion, and respect.

"It's a highly recommended little book that should be on your shelf and handed out to school-age children who have hearing loss or know someone dealing with that condition.

—Brian Taylor, AuD, Editor-at-Large, Hearing Health & Technology Matters

"If you have it, hearing is precious and worth keeping! Eddie the Elephant has a wonderful, vibrant message for children about the joy of hearing."

—Gael Hannan, advocate, author, The Way I Hear It: A Life with Hearing Loss and Hear & Beyond: Live Skillfully with Hearing Loss (with Shari Eberts)

"Eddie's story is endearing, delightful, and adventurous. It's true: it's ok to be different, hearing is a gift."

—Jackie Melvin, author, The Bartholomew Bear series

"Fun for children; a reminder for adults. Help comes in surprising ways. The biggest or strongest can need help! For Eddie, it's a helping ear."

—Joanne Haase, hearing aid wearer

"With 20+ years in education, it's exciting to find a children's book on hearing loss. Eddie is whimsical and kind; he will capture the hearts of young readers. This book belongs in every classroom."

—Teresa Calle, primary school teacher

"My class loved this book—especially since we have a student in class with a cochlear implant. They said it really helped them understand what she goes through."

—Heidi Foyer, second-grade teacher

"My favorite part was when the spider gave Eddie the magical hearing aid, and the moral of the story is that you can do anything if you have a little bit of help."

—Cameron Whitehead, student