Nonprofit Publishing Assistance

Call us at 866-326-7768 and we'll delve into how publishing your book can serve your organization.

Utilize book publishing to further your mission

  • Uplift and unite your organization
  • Create a powerful tool for outreach and funding
  • Share messages of wisdom, hope and inspiration

Turn your members' or future members' stories, poetry, illustrations, and photos into a professionally designed printed and bound book.

Book publishing works for groups as large as your national organization, and as small as a local start up. Consider the many ideas and themes for a single book project, or contact us to start your own small press imprint.

Ideas for Nonprofits

  • Share vision and values that unite you
  • Celebrate fun and stories from group activities
  • Inspire others with the courage to heal
  • Impart the knowledge of members
  • Share the joy of participating with prospective members
  • Tell campfire and other tall tales
  • Express the heart of a poet
  • Offer stories of faith, hope and love
  • Celebrate achievements
  • Share the experiences of a lifetime!

Download and print a sample nonprofit publishing agreement here.