Geneva's Cross
Tammy D. Thompson


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The Gift of Faith Lasts an Eternity

Feeling the loss of his beloved Geneva, Elijah struggles with many things. From regrets, anger, resentment, and lingering sadness, he couldn't seem to get passed the grief eating him up inside. Ella and Caleb, his daughter and son in law, stepped in to try and bring some light into his dark existence. The memories in Elijah's mind appeared so real at times and after a while, he couldn't tell the difference between the past and the present. Then, his journey began. Elijah takes off trying to find Geneva and himself at the same time and a healing begins to take place, a healing starting from the inside out. Somehow, Elijah finds what he needs and what he's looking for in more ways than one. He finds a treasure of a lifetime and it all started with Geneva's Cross.

About the Author

Tammy D. Thompson

With a passion for words since she was a little girl, Tammy D. Thompson started with writing poetry. Her mother would find little writings around the house and put them up for keeps. As the years passed, and she attended college at Southern Arkansas University in Magnolia, AR, her verses changes into fiction, starting with her first book, Buried, But Not Forgotten. As it does, things changed once more, and her books turned into Christian Inspirational books, with the hopes to leave a smile on the reader's face and hope in their hearts. After the Dream Mountain Series and her last book, The Beggar, Mrs. Thompson's goal was to relay a message in every story she wrote. In her most recent title, Geneva's Cross, and the Geneva book series to come, the message is very clear. Throughout many changes in her life, the one constant was always God and his love for her. So, in this latest series, each book is meant to lead and direct the reader in the direction of the light and away from any darkness. "At the end of the day, I want to touch hearts and changes lives," Mrs. Thompson said. "There's nothing more rewarding than knowing you made a difference in even one person's life. And that's my goal as a writer, as a person, and as a Christian." One of her favorite scriptures is Mark 11:23 "Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours." She does everything through her faith and her hope is to convey every ounce of that faith to her readers, praying it is received in the way it is given. Using her gift of words, she wants to change the world, one person at a time. You can keep up with Tammy's books on her website at

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"In a uniquely southern charm and perspective, Geneva's Cross is going to invite you to join Elijah James on what is probably the most painful journey of his life through loss, loneliness, regret, and uncertainty.

"Elijah is normally a bit selfish and cranky, but otherwise likable and all too familiar. You will find yourself crying with and cheering for Elijah as you wait to see if the encouragement from his family and his newfound reliance with God, will be enough for Elijah to make it on this unpredictable and heart-challenging downturn.

Get ready for a great read!"

—TODD BURPO, New York Times best-selling author of Heaven Is for Real